Who we are

Whether you're a designer looking for stock images, a model looking for portfolio development or someone who enjoys a good picture we pride ourselves on bringing you our best photographs possible. The images on this site represent a small sample of our work in stock, product and model photography.

How it works

Photographs are organised into galleries accessed throughout the site. Feel free to click around and contact us if you have any questions.

What we do

Model Portfolio Development

Modeling is easy to get into, yet tough to be taken seriously. If you are starting out you'll want professional images to show off your look and ability, we can help. You can book a session tailored to your specific needs or you can contact us to see if there are any spots available in our limited TFCD.

Commercial Photography

Catalogs, website, brochures, marketing material...they all benefit from quality photos. We can work with you to get those isolated products shots, show off your newest fashion designs or capture that professional, polished look.

Event Photographs

If you are looking for your Karate or event photographs and you have your access code, please visit our proof gallery. If you have misplaced or never received your access code, please email us at info@dsmphoto.com with the event date and location and we will verify and send you your code.